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Birthdays, Pea Soup, Thai Crabcakes, Chocolate Fudge Cake and the Unthought Known

I’ve had two patients this week who’ve been bowled over by realising something they already knew. It’s funny in therapy and analysis that you rarely have huge epiphanies that involve things you’ve never thought about before. All those recovered memory … Continue reading

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“Men don’t notice me. What am I doing wrong?” Proper Advice for Real Change

“I’m writing in hope that you can offer some clarity. I’m 32 and soon my mum (my only family) will pass away after a long illness. This in itself is incredibly distressing, yet the reason I write is selfish and … Continue reading

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A penis or two scoops of vanilla, darling?

I have been writing an essay about the Freudian concept of penis envy for a course I am doing. Basically, Freud thought that, on seeing little boys, little girls are immediately envious and want one of their own. At about … Continue reading

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