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Sorting People on the Basis of Their Genitalia, Legal Definitions of Madness, Painting the Kitchen, Coconut Milk Panna Cotta and Almond Fruit Tart

    I drove to Florence to meet an old friend and his daughter. They had come in this kind of hellish way to spend two days sightseeing in the blistering heat with a billion other tourists. Even Florence is … Continue reading

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“My dad calls my mum a waste of space and doesn’t like me since I’ve grown up [into a woman]. Is it my fault?” Proper Advice for Real Change

“I don’t know whether it is my fault that my father doesn’t seem to respect or like me. We were close when I was a child (I’m 23 now) and I drifted away from him during adolescence. I cannot put … Continue reading

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“When will my boyfriend tell me he loves me?” Proper Advice from a Psychoanalytic Perspective

I have been more than friends with a lovely man for well over a year now, yet he still hasn’t made our relationship public, called me his girlfriend or told me that he loves me. We are a couple in … Continue reading

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A Twitter Row – Builders and Babes

Strange and disturbing exchange on Twitter today about casual sexual harassment on the street. Someone wrote how odd it is that men expect a positive response from the kind of ‘nice arse’ building site shouts that we all get on … Continue reading

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Angry and Explicit – Women as Wank Fodder

Another little blog about casual misogyny – surely not? It’s all so boring – irate woman decries the state of the modern world, the over-sexualisation of women, the over-sexualisation of children (female ones, mainly), the grotesque and endless displays of … Continue reading

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Radio 4’s Today Programme – sexist guffawing

SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/annablundy/Documents/Todayprog.doc     There I am, innocently driving through Kilburn at 8.30am with the radio on. It’s Radio 4’s Today Programme and I’m feeling almost pleased to be back in the UK – something comforting about familiar voices in the … Continue reading

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Creepy Guys and Schoolgirls

  Reading about the grotesquely misogynistic Radio1 culture that fostered Jimmy Savile and other creeps is devastating for any woman. It is particularly grim when it’s so hard on the heels of the Rochdale pimps and rapists scandal. Perhaps the … Continue reading

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