I live in a pink house in Northern Tuscany. I’m a therapist, trained at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, and I mainly see patients on Skype, people in countries with little access to psychotherapy. I have two black labradors and I bake. I speak fluent Russian and good French and Italian.

I am also a novelist and journalist, a former Moscow correspondent for the Times, currently Life of the Mind columnist for Prospect.  I wrote a memoir about my late father called Every Time We Say Goodbye and then five thrillers about Faith Zanetti, war correspondent – The Bad News Bible, Faith Without Doubt, Breaking Faith (US)/Double Shot (UK), Vodka Neat (US)/Neat Vodka (UK) and My Favourite Poison. My last novel was called The Oligarch’s Wife.

Neat Vodka is currently in development with Amber Entertainment.

9 Responses to About

  1. Dear Ms Blundy, I am a foreign correspondent with National Public Radio, trying to reach you for a radio documentary I’m working on. I would love to talk to you about your book, your father, and your amazing life. Please contact me on kmcevers@npr.org at your earliest convenience.
    Kelly McEvers

  2. raptorcager says:

    Hi Anna,

    I recently read your piece on systems thinking and relationships. I am a prof in mechanical engineering and have done much thinking on relationships and their effect on design of systems, as well as using systems thinking to explain relational dynamics. It would be fun to share some more ideas if you are interested — contact me at the e-mail below.

  3. Angela says:

    I’m sorry to post this on your “About” page but I don’t see any other way to contact you. I just heard a clip of Kelly McEvers’ interview with you for her documentary “Diary of a Bad Year: A War Correspondent’s Dilemma.” I heard a program on it on “The Story” radio show (www.thestory.org). Anyway! I’m really interested to read your book now — Every Time We Say Goodbye. Is it totally out of print? I’ve been looking online and can only find used copies. My library here in Minneapolis also doesn’t have any copies of it. I’d love to buy a copy of the book!

    Again, apologies for clogging up your WordPress with this. If you’ve got time you can email me back at aclundberg@gmail.com. Please feel free to delete this post from your page, of course.

    Thank you!
    Angela Lundberg
    -Minneapolis, Minnesota

  4. Angela says:

    p.s. I like your blog! I just started following you on the WordPress reader thing, hope you don’t mind. I also agree with you about the BBC World Service. What the hell are they doing?!


  5. Lexi Hayman says:

    Dear Anna,

    We are a small company of 3 people with book publishing backgrounds and have a product we genuinely believe could help kids, and so be of interest to parents, hence why we are approaching you.

    You may have read in the last few days that the UK has one of the worst literacy and numeracy levels in the developed world. Truly appalling and frightening news.

    Regrettably, but it is a fact, kids are turning away from books.

    Maybe because they are too long in this age of the ‘sound-bite’, maybe because they are bombarded with high colour visuals, maybe this makes black & white print too boring.

    Whatever, it is a sad state of affairs when 8.5 million adults in our country* have the literacy and numeracy levels of a 10 year old.

    We publish greeting cards which have entertainment, activities, even stories within them, and because they come in a card and not a book, and because they are short and colourful, they are proving really popular with kids (and parents!).

    Every second a child spends enjoying one of our cards, it is helping with their literacy, numeracy and imaginative development.

    We thought your followers (parents) might want to know that there is help (no matter how small) out there.

    If you are interested then do visit http://www.cardooo.com or access the links below, because we honestly are the only card company doing something about getting kids more engaged, and do need the support of people like you if we are going to have any hope of making any impact.

    While we have limited funds we do have stock and would be very happy to supply you gratis samples for review or competition purposes.

    All the very best and thanks,

    Links to cards:


  6. Peter T says:

    I was in Moscow over the New year holidays and read your Neat Vodka book. The bits about Faith sitting in the bath and blowing smoking rings. Just wondered if you Anna ever did that? I have a son in Moscow. Do you speak Russian? Nice book. A little difficult to follow with all the Adrain name changes. Did you yourself ever experience a Russian axe homicide?

    • Anna Blundy says:

      Yes, it’s very autobiographical indeed. The murders happened in a flat in my building. Nothing to do with me or my boyfriend at all, but the inspiration. Yes, I speak Russian, was in Russia for the Times years ago and studied it at university etc. What does your son do? The film version won’t have Adrian in it all so should be more staightforward! Anna

  7. Love Vodka Neat – can’t wait to read the next one!

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