QuarkBrötchen, Vivien Leigh as Anna Karenina in German and mini-Daims.

QuarkBrötchen, Vivien Leigh as Anna Karenina in German and mini-Daims. Last night I discoverd that the whole of the 1948 film of Anna Karenina starring Viven Leigh is watchable on YouTube. But, in German.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7b_go4F1n0

Even though the only thing I can really say in German is Ich habe einen großen schwarzen Hund (and I’ve actually got two), I watched it anyway. I mean, I know what happens. My husband wouldn’t let me rent it from a video shop in New York 20 years ago because he hadn’t read it yet and didn’t know what happened (what kind of maniac doesn’t know what happens at the end of Anna Karenina???), but now I feel free to see it and I’m not sure if he ever did read it. Watching it in German, in grainy black and white with the soundtrack sounding like it’s being played on vinyl (maybe it was?) gave me the feeling that this really was Anna, that we really were there on the train, Vronsky with his weird moustache, Ralph Richardson (no, seriously) playing Karenin. Amazing. So, in tribute to late 1940s German dubbing, here is a recipe for QuarkBrötchen, again from Luisa Weiss’s lovely German Baking book. It’s a kind of cakey, bready thing, maybe a breakfast roll (what is a breakfast roll?), maybe to have with coffee or tea. Anyway, look, it’s to eat. So, make, eat, enjoy.

Milk, flour, Quark (just as good with Philadelphia, probably okay with cottage cheese even, or ricotta, but surely it’s supposed to be tvorog), yeast, salt, sugar, butter, cream, ice cubes!

Make a roux with 150ml of milk and 30g of flour. Mix it together with the flour, Quark, a teaspoon of instant yeast, a pinch of salt, 50g of sugar and 50g of butter. Knead it until it’s not sticky and then leave to rise for an hour. Then split into 8 rolls and leave on the baking parchment and tray for another hour. Cut the clover shape with scissors, brush with cream and bake until golden at 400F/200C. Put a pan of ice-cubes in the over too – then they’re all steamy and won’t burn on the bottom (Sheba).


This is Marmite. (Today I accidentally ate too many mini-Daims).

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Honorary psychotherapist with a Masters in Psychoanalytic Theory and another in Psychodynamic Clinical Psychotherapy. Novelist - Author of the Faith Zanetti quintet - The Bad News Bible, Faith Without Doubt, Neat Vodka (US - Vodka Neat), Breaking Faith, My Favourite Poison. Also a memoir of my father, Every Time We Say Goodbye and my most recent thriller - The Oligarch's Wife
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